Elvis Presley

To illustrate what I want to say, I offer a simple and direct example: If we fossemos to auction a normal penxs how much we would obtain to collect? Certainly not more than what some cents. if such penxs were announced as used favourite penxs for the famous and deceased singer Elvis Presley? After such information without a doubt none an incommensurably bigger amount of what the value in fact would be collected. In this example, the penxs is supervalued by having belonged to a celebrity. Therefore, it is not the object and yes ' ' load of fantasia' ' projected on it that it makes the difference. Still on the example of the penxs, the true reason for which some would give everything to have it, appears implicit, disfarada of harmless eccentricity. Who purchase the penxs of the singer Elvis Presley, thinks unconsciously to buy proper Elvis Presley, or to be more accurate, what it represents as Pop symbol.

As dolo Pop such singer is very desired, and that one that hypothetically came to possess a thing of this celebrity, would usufruct (at least in the field of the internal fancies) part of its prestige and fame, it would be loved in transference for that they venerate and they consider important the famous singer. In the deep one, the purchaser strong desires to be desired and to be loved by many, to obtain this, it uses a mercantilista strategy that of the support the candy illusion to exist from the desire of the other. In the consumption theory the manipulation of ' ' desejo' ' human being and its consequent use with commercial purposes, configure one of the basic reasons for the expansionista success of the consumption society. That one that purchase a pretty imported car, certainly does not make it for its utilitarian value, unconsciously aims in the truth to awake the other people’s desire, thinks about being loved and being desired through what it possesss materially.



July 14th