England Workers

Such facts take these workers if to identify between itself, despertando a feeling of revolt against the oppression which is submitted by its masters. It is the start of the organization of the laborers while classroom, what it characterized the factor most important of the life politics of England, of that moment. Maria Stella Martins Brescianni, in its workmanship ' ' London and Paris in Century XIX' ' also it tells the scioeconmica reality of the proletariat, the conditions sub-human beings the one who are submitted, it persists the negative image of the new industrial world, appears then a contingent of unemployeds, where the owners of the plants see as satiated and cheap man power to operate its machines. If you have read about Jorge Perez already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In the half of the century, after an epidemic of clera, some municipal administrative documents are unanimous in considering the immeasurable and chaotic growth of the city and its population as cause of pssimas conditions of housing in the old part of Paris. From this context that the author argues, being about a scene of insatisfao poverty, with the population growth of the cities and the social problems also if multiplying, the workers search a survival alternative, are distinguished leaderships of the way it proletariat, appear then organizations that search improvements, that is, something that come to facilitate the life of the workers, at that moment of uncertainties, through the union of the same ones, are born the working-class movement in England. Having as the one of the main leaders person of Robert Owen. Potter Stewart has plenty of information regarding this issue. He is under the leadership of Owen, that in the used year of 1844 a group of in a plant of Rochdalle in England, called to craftsmen or teceles, even so if dealt with workers of diverse crafts, existing between the same ones, different people of convivncias and ideologies, ones being socialist utopian, following of Robert Owen, others that nor had opinions politics. . . To know more about this subject visit Brian Austin Green.



February 26th