CORRA, Melina Maria Fertile valley of Paula .AVALIANDO FACTORS OF RISK FOR HIPERTENSO IN IDOSOS.ELEMENTOS FOR the CONSTRUCTION OF an ASSISTANCE OF ENFERMAGEM.2011.37 p. With the increase of the reduction and life expectancies of mortality for infectocontagiosas illnesses, it had an increase of the prevalence of the degenerative chronic illnesses, as the HAS, where important factors of risk for cardiovascular mortality and morbidade had appeared in prominence. Being thus, it was felt necessity to investigate such factors in a group of aged. One is about a descriptive, exploratrio study of quantitative nature, that occurred during the month of January of 2011 where if it reached a sample of 20 citizens. By means of the displayed o, we consider to have reached all the objectives considered for the study. Existence of diverse factors of risk for the sistmica arterial illness in the investigated group of aged was identified to it, with emphasis the sedentarismo and the precariousness of antidislipidemica diet. In such a way, in accordance with the data raised in this work, understand that it has necessity of to organize an attendance to these customers, in the direction to fortify the importance of changes of behaviors, since aspects defective how much to the physical activity and of leisure had been raised, use of the tobacco, as well as questionable data in relation to the feeding, however, the nurse would come of meeting to all these necessities placing in practical its abilities condition that it in the paper of transformation agent.



October 11th