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To date, a number of particularly important enterprises supplying engines for large vehicles is considered to domestic producers of "Autodiesel." Just because this plant is domestic motor vehicles for larger items can use this demand not only in the power, but also beyond its borders. Engine Plant in Yaroslavl, produces not only specifically working on diesel engines for carrying large loads and has a specialized technique, but also auxiliary parts for engines, gearboxes, clutches and the various mechanisms of stationary devices, which are located at using diesel engines of Yaroslavl Motor Plant. Today, diesel engines in Yaroslavl Motor Plant is used not only in building vehicles, but also in the manufacture of ships, where, incidentally, 238 JAMZ used to involve employees in the assembly Sudokomplektnogo company in Tyumen, and including Bogorodsky engineering works, and including other major shipbuilding-oriented enterprise. Moreover, the constellation of Yaroslavl Motor Plant products can lead to a working state are motor enormous in airports, timber, road trains, buses, diesel-electric power stations and current types in large quantities factory equipment. George karfukel is often quoted on this topic. Working in the quarry trucks dump trucks, excavators multi-ton trucks, tractors BelAZ, Ural, MAZ, KrAZ and other providers are utilized as well as in purely industrial purposes to the same extent and can be supplied in support of power in the institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Defense domestic. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Glenn Dubin.

Almost two years ago the company started production of the above engines, which could correspond to European norms in the environmental field of Euro-3. Entire thousands of car trains and trucks, made with the implementation of the Euro-3, in our time working in Western Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. One highly sought-after products of the enterprise – this is such engines as the engines YMZ 240 personnel involved for designed for large loads (30 tonnes) operating in the quarry trucks. The low price of these motors allows the end product – the factory BELAZ – to remain in class is really the most popular technology vehicles. Using diesel engines and aggregates JAMZ – a guarantee of high quality in combination with an affordable price. Trucks with engines from the engine factory in Yaroslavl by worldwide relating to the environment standards, soundly, and yet is able to guarantee long service life.



December 12th


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