Fall Fishing

This fall fishing begins in the second half of autumn. Fishing is held with the elements of fine or so difficult to say of angling. Important feature of fishing in the second period of autumn is dying annuals plants and dropping them on the bottom. Also due to the withering away of microbial water becomes lighter. With the onset of a cold period significantly reduced the amount of feed in the pond. The larvae of many insect species slipping into deeper space, leaving the coastal area. After working up over the summer period a sufficient amount of fat, complementing its holdings, but it does so not as active as in summer, choosing bait with caution.

The same effect on the bite fish water clearance and decrease in temperature. The first increases the visibility and the second one slows down the metabolism, affecting the bite. Due to short-term improvement of the weather, there are active periods of biting fish. If predict such a period, you can not get bad results. Considering the fishing grounds and the choice of the reservoir, we can say that the most unproductive fishing will be fishing in shallow waters. There are exceptions – is pre- explored the pit and places with deep shoreline.

In the shallow waters in the presence of the deep places you can not find enough bad copies. You can also note the tributaries of large rivers. The combination of greater depths and small currents play a positive role in studying the terrain, with subsequent determination of parking lots of fish. Fishing for certain species chosen their own tactics. In contrast to summer, autumn fish takes place according to its kind. Float fishing is selected not heavy rod for a more successful bites. Tackle weight up to 2g. Line was chosen diameter 0,06-0,10 mm. Float carrying capacity of 0,2-0,8 gr. Hook number 20 and a few small pellets. Nozzle will be: cereals, maggots, caddis flies, bloodworm, ie bait without flavor. You can add a little bait in the rate of 1 drop per 3 kg of bait – anise, garlic, dill, thyme. In the cold of autumn the most works effectively bait mixture of clay with bloodworm or maggots. The most important thing is not to overdo it with the other full of bait, the fish stop biting. Short plug connector with easy snap-in allows you to keep snap in place. Autumn fish are not looking over the pond in search of food, and waiting for it almost zaplyvet into her mouth. To use the weight equipment in the 0.15 gr.podoydet 5.8 meter plug and a strong line of 0,05-0,10 mm. Fall fishing the most similar to fishing in the winter. When moving the float downstream and stop it at one place, followed by immersion under water, may signal the bite. This proves that the fish is inactive in the same place in waiting for food. Bottom gear with the arrival of cold weather, such as fish: bream, roach, dace, chub go to deeper places, eating from the bottom. For this type of fishing suit outfit, consisting of twine diameter 0,15-0,20 mm hook 18-22 and the trough in the vicinity of the hook. Bait is still the same maggots, bloodworm, caddis. When using three or four maggots on a hook, caught a big fish.



March 23rd