Flower Butterfly

Chanel, one has brought a series of temporary tattoos on the market.They are hand crafted creations by Peter Philips, Chanel’s global Director of makeup Chanel, has brought a series of temporary tattoos on the market one. They are crafted works of art by Peter Philips, Chanel’s hand Global Director of makeup. Who wants to have a tattoo without pain since the temporary tattoo are exactly the right. temporary tattoos are the latest fashion trend in Paris now, and more and more people are using them as a fashion statement. You are no longer bound to wear the same tattoo for a lifetime. These works of art hold only about 4-5 days and then can you to scratch a new. And the best thing is choose according to mood, and life style, or you can try just the removable tattoos without pain at your whim. There are also all kinds of temporary tattoos, stars and actors, symbols, fairy tales and mythical creatures, Zodiac tattoos, music and bands tattoos, Club tattoos, belly of tattoos, Dragon, Flower Butterfly.

The list is endless tattoos for Eve, birthdays, parties, Carnival, Halloween, holiday. Artists are set no limits the tattooing. Why do you wear a temporary tattoo? Many people wear tattoo that fits your outfit, or serves as an attractive Flash fishing in a neckline, neck, etc. The tattoo is not just a fad, it is also often used as a declaration of love of two people. Others want to maybe even only shock her famous friends with a temporary tattoo, again want to provoke others. The first tattoos appeared in Germany in the 70erJahren known as gum pictures or decals. And looked absolutely unrealistic, monochrome and ‘cheap’. In 2002, the market had developed but for high-quality temporary tattoos to his climax.

The whole thing makes the cost of temporary tattoos also look attractive.You get so an adhesive tattoo for only 50 cents, most are between 1-2 dollars. It came also fashion designers from Chanel to the temporary tattoos makes me wonder ueberhaut not. It seems that now the temporary tattoos are worn even upscale districts. Chanel, fashion industry, has now released a collection of 55 temporary tattoos designs. They are all hand drawn fashion designer of Peter Philips, Chanel’s global Director of makeup. Chanel calls them “the temporary skin”, is a marketing tactic for the price of $75 per tattoo is no doubt. To the example a motif neck holds up a 1 week or longer and others can only 1 day off rubbing again. Read our blog @ blog.stylert.com/..temporare-tattoo…



October 29th


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