Carnations, chrysanthemums, tulips We had a long look at the living beauty, choosing what kind of bouquet to present as a gift. Probably not all women love flowers – and there are those who do not like. But we do not know these. Therefore, Choose a carnation or chrysanthemum or tulips Have you ever paid attention to how many there are female "flower" names? "Star" Aster, exquisite rose, gentle lily and rare Liana. There's even a name of a goddess of flowers and spring bloom – Flora. Parents give girls such names, give them the first "flowers", making their daughters feminine and beautiful. In the days of medieval knights and beautiful ladies, princes on white horses and Princesses in a high tower there was a language of flowers, now, unfortunately, unjustly forgotten. Presented to the red roses or carnations signify love, dahlia – gratitude, Hawthorn – hope.

Declaration of love could only giving tulip flower, say luck of the bounce could easily humble lily of the valley. Lilac said on the first riots of love, but woven together white and red rose means fire in the heart. Sela Ward describes an additional similar source. Using the language flowers now, you can become a very real prince. Beautiful flowers can be called one of the most romantic gifts from fans. It is through such a beauty you can turn from "the very" in "order only. Flowers – a gift of love. Standing in the original vase, they attract attention and cause the thought of you.



November 10th