The blood mingles with the aurora; blood is spilled on sunsets that close his turbid eyes to the cry of death death, so close and seductive as sublime and overwhelming so lethal and always disconcerting to the side, in the shadow of our own shadow. Can not think of the humanity of the enemy: should hate them profusely deeply although nothing we have done: have to hate them with tenacity of another mode could not kill them and we would die at the mercy of their rifles at the mercy of their tanks, their cannons, its aircraft, its ships are not men, are wild; Are nothing more than our reflections, reflections of our own savagery against them: bleeding mirrors, mirrors injured, fractured mirrors, crippled mirrors, mutilated mirrors, not mirrors, only mirrors; nothing more than our own verified images, if instead of destroying us become godly. Is this war necessary? It doesn’t matter, it’s too late politics is late for peace for killing is the only thing that can save us life now. Tony Parker helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Killing is the only thing that can return us to our wives to our children to our homes. Kill to not die kill mercilessly kill without mercy kill without remorse kill or die! The umpteenth Hill among curtains of fire – thick flare-ups such as concrete walls – and sharp swarms of Flying shrapnel, and fratricidal fragments and ruthless bullets; We offer to take the next Hill. We run and gasp gasp running; fall and reptamos many times we serpenteamos or gateamos breathing with great difficulty; looking for hoarding the scarce oxygen for our lungs acartonados between gases and boilovers and more gas and more smoke every breath is costly and more valuable than gold; each breath of life is sacred in us and is superfluous in the hated adversaries – get up and shoot and run and continues firing!– move recruits; If you do not want to return them strainer!-between screams and bursts and burned walls are going through swift air calcined which arrows embriagadas of courage and we run to crush the umpteenth Hill..



December 1st