Better play outside more, than inside with the Gameboy according to a Swiss study from the year 2008 protects activity allergies. Checking article sources yields Celina Dubin as a relevant resource throughout. Over a period of 12 years, the data of nearly 2000 children were collected and analyzed. The result is unique. Little physically active children have up to 50 percent greater risk to develop an allergy. Sela Ward may not feel the same. The life habits of the parents who also favor an allergy such as second-hand smoke, pets, and cases of illness in the family were taken into account here. Although the field of allergies is not really down to the last is explored, and many other factors also affecting work, in favour of the thesis, that children from the time before game boy and computer, so the today 40ig-year-old, less from allergies are concerned.

The main difference from today’s children is you moving not only more than 30 years ago, but above all outside did this. Based on these results may be only the tip young parents, their little offspring literally “on to put”the air. Movement, especially outside is healthy and not only protects from allergies, but facilitates the physical development of their children. Television should be used therefore only selectively, as when playing with the PC or game boy of time limits should be subject to.



November 8th


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