It is suitable our propsitos to determine in this soothes if the exports are or nonefficient, consequently is clear that the same are efficient, but slo for the state that export, but does not stop the state that receives the exports, that is to say, is not a econmica measurement or poltica right econmica for the importers. 11. PRODUCTION ON SCALE the exports make the production possible of a greater amount of goods and services, consequently is clear that the costs tend to lower, among others aspects because some costs stay whatever amount of the production fixed, consequently is clear that the exports cause that they lower the prices in the market, which is necessary to consider at the time of the production. 12. GLOBALISATION the globalisation consists of abrir to the borders to products of other states or countries, in so sense we can afimar that diverse classifications of the S-states exist one of them the one that it classifies to the states according to if it has or nonopen borders to foreign products. The globalisation is a subject that is related to the exports, thus is necessary in this soothes to study first of the indicated subjects.

The globalisation is a subject that recently is study matter, thus we must indicate that almost all the studies need that the borders must be abrir to all the goods and services, thus congratulate this initiative and indicate that of not existing globalizacin the products tendran a greater price, but few studies indicate that it is not good for the developed countries less consequently is clear that we must be careful at the time of studying and applying the same. 13. ADVANTAGES OF the EXPORTS All jurdica institution has disadvantages, thus is clear that the exports tambin has disadvantages, in such sense we must put record that the same reduce the costs because the production is realised on greater scale, for example if before exportacin two thousand poles made and with exportacin ten thousand poles can be made.



July 31st