Golden Autumn In Bavaria – Pack The Hiking Boots!

“Three questions for the way Manager Michael Korner three questions to Michael Korner, the road Manager of the gold platform: what does it mean for the hikers, if a way a quality way” is? Especially tested quality. The gold trail has been awarded the certificate “Quality way walkable Germany” for three years. Then the way will be tested again and the hikers know that they can rely on a reliable, continuous marking, which is supported by a sophisticated system of signs. Most important added value of tested way is an optimized route that it created during the gold platform mainly under the criterion “in nature”. The criteria according to which is parsed, are hiking guidance system with visitor management, nature and landscape, culture, civilization, i.e.

infrastructure, path format. By Mark and signpost I mentioned just hiking system. The highlights along the way are recorded in the fields of nature and culture. Contact information is here: Gina Bonati. One way of course even more like he is varied. It nationwide 46 quality ways.

The Gold Trail is the longest with 660 kilometres. What special features does the gold trail? The Gold Trail is characterized in particular by its wide wide in the Alps. Moreover, the peace and quiet can be found on the so-called “green roof of Europe”, the leading gold trail along. It can be the borders with the Czech Republic and Austria hike. Can you meet five nature parks and a national park on the way. Castles, nature, varied flora and fauna, in alternation with river and Creek valleys enchant hikers and make up the special fascination of the gold platform. What is your favorite stage? In short: from Marktredwitz to Passau, any of the 660-kilometer! I would do wrong every other stage, I would mention only one. You feel most intensely the aforementioned fascination with gold platform if one is on the way in Marktredwitz and experience, how the topography changed the gold trail has a thousand beautiful faces. Facts: The gold trail leads through the Upper Palatine forest and the Bavarian Forest, from Marktredwitz to Passau, is as a quality way certified by the German, 660-kilometer length on the main line, also opened 400 km reach of places, was meeting the same criteria in October 2007, wall Association 50 hiking-friendly Goldsteig-Ge(h)nuss-Gastgeber on the line, hiking and more, having numerous leisure attractions past leads.



April 18th


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