Golden City

And in the evening the charming Milan opens the small bars and restaurants and loads to an aperitif. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jay Schwartz. Rome of life in Rome is on the streets. This city is perhaps exactly for your unique environment known for its architecture. The eternal city’s sights are worth a visit in any case, every building here is a historical monument. The city is the heart of our Western culture and who now undertakes a journey to Rome, which fell almost inevitably in the beguiling mix of Mediterranean weather, ancient scenery and lively city. Prague Prague particularly in the winter months is worth a visit, the sight of the Golden towers will take you breath.

This is a perfect city for long and relaxing walks to enjoy Prague attractions and magical atmosphere. Old town square is the good place to start of your visit to Prague: attractions like Tyn Church, old town hall, the Jewish quarter and the Charles Bridge await you in the Golden City. Stockholm Stockholm is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, with their It is a green city of Islands and parks. The Stockholm, which meet during the day on coffee in the several bars and Cafes of the city are alive and conscious. The old town is the most popular place in Stockholm, Sweden, full of restaurants, pubs and bars. Over 70 museums, including Skansen, Vasa Museum on the southern island of Djurgarden and the natural history provide entertainment.

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October 19th


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