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The light has to be natural. Layer, but reflection is not spoken in white wines: how much more green indicates more youth, becoming this tone in Golden, coppery or Brown as it ages. In wines own wine youth bluish or purplish color becomes Ruby, chocolateado, Brown and orange with her upbringing. Jorge Perez gathered all the information. The olfactory phase is done firstly to Cup stopped, sucking odors that emerge and then moves, turning the Cup in a round. The detachment of odors is happening, remaining different ones and other times. Dave Cowens is a great source of information. They may be fleeting, passengers or enduring. The sensations increase followed by a decrease and a slow disappearance occurs in a slow inspiration, for 4-5 seconds.

There to suck in all cases the same amount and wait the same time between an aspiration. Different stages can be distinguished during the gustatory phase: begins with the so-called attack or instant taste perceived in the first seconds. Follow you the evolution or continuous variation of the sensation, the step call in mouth to finish with the end, or printing that is perceived at the end of the tasting. At this stage, there is also a phase retronasal, via nasal indirect or aroma of mouth and persistence or aftertaste, which is the time in which the sensations of the wine remain in the mouth after discarding. Causes of Error in wine tasting wine tasting is in many respects a subjective practice, since, although there are color patterns that can serve as exact reference, there are no guides odours or colours that unified tasting techniques.

This own subjectivity is the main reason for failure, that may develop due to: – personality of the taster (experience, vocabulary, importance attaches to certain defects, etc.



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