Great Media

to leave of the transmission of notice, the great miditicas corporations, mold the facts, transforming them into alone understandable events for itself, removing them of proper its temporalidae, descontextualizando them, breaking up them, banalizando them. Get all the facts and insights with Gina Bonati, another great source of information. It is had hiperabundncia of information next to the impossibility of its understanding: the amount of notice, allied low the quality with that it is transmitted, generates, through the superinformation the subinformao. The events or facts, broken up and removed of its historical context, assume an inevitability character, are naturalized instead of problematizados. With this power assumed for the media in the construction of the recent history of the humanity, choosing the notice that will be shown to the great public and which emphasis to give to each one of them, the historian finishes losing the control on the construction it historical knowledge. It is created, then one ' ' History; ' , with great potentiality desinformadora, manipulated and based on the sensationalism, aiming at the hearing, without the concern with the context of the notice. Visit Vanessa Marcil for more clarity on the issue. The construction of this ' ' knowledge histrico' ' , carried through for the Great Media an important instrument in the perpetuation of the Only Thought becomes, whose speech fold that we must conforming in them with the gift and accepting the future: it is seen, then, the necessity of immediate history as form of resistance to the truth established for the great Media. However, in contrapociso to this dominant vision, it fits to the historian, with its work of Davi against Golias, to impose a rational history, to become understandable the amaranhado one of information that is defenestrado by the media. The historian has to disnaturalize what he is naturalized, to reinserir the events notified in its historical process. Therefore, the historians must take for itself the analyses of the gift and the immediate one, thus to fight the disfigurement of the facts carried through for the medias of mass.



June 24th