Greco Arcana

There is no doubt that the origins of the tarot can be attributed to the Egyptian people, almost 30 centuries of AC. A part of the Gypsy tribes come precisely from Egypt, and this is why they were called gypsies, in English, and from there emerged its name in Spanish, Gypsy. Then, when we speak of Gypsy tarot we are talking about, in fact, tarot transmitted by the civilizations of the Mesopotamia. During their migrations from the Near East to central Europe, Gypsies communicated and taught the art of Gypsy tarot in different regions that have adopted as home. Already a nearest time, beginning of the 14th century, record some manifestations of fortune-telling. It is the Silk Road, which constituted a trade bridge between the Middle East and Asia, allowed that the wisdom of the Gypsy tarot could be circulated. This nomadic people knew how to contribute with valuable experiences and theories that make the practice of tarot his unmistakable stamp anywhere in the world.

As time passes, tarot Gypsy not only prevalent, but it is enriched with new contributions and technologies to continue connecting the spiritual horizon with the earthly. It is that, as it is natural to our nature of human beings, we cannot isolate us the influence that the forces of the universe have over our lives. And it is through the ancient wisdom of the Gypsy tarot which we can interpret messages from the cosmos. Like the tarot of Marseilles, it is composed of 22 major arcana, although his figures saved certain differences. In Gypsy tarot cards, for example, we can see that the clothing of the figures correspond to middle ages, although they have some elements of Greco-Roman mythology, in whose gods the same Egyptian religion was inspired. We could cite several cases, for example the force, one of the arcana, it has its origin in Cyrene, the Greek goddess. She was a Shepherdess and lived in peace in the forest next to a group of women.

Until on one occasion he had to fight a lion attacking their livestock, leaving graceful fight. It was known from then on more like the Huntress deity. It is in the form of Gypsy tarot art of forecasts circulated throughout the planet, thanks to the tireless work of the Gypsy tribes. They are responsible for preserving, enriching and transmit this ancient practice to modern societies. Jesus Ontivero original author and source of the article



February 28th


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