Greek Theatre

theatrical emphasis on the modern theater – one of the subtlest and most captivating illusions of mankind. Special, with nothing comparable to the atmosphere of the scene gives grace excitement, laughter, healing experience Every day, millions of people around the world. The rustle of the curtain rises – and even a cold analytical mind believes in someone else's, do not they invented life as his own … If the theater – is the realm of convention, why is he so close to the heart? What mystery is hidden in the scenic space, crossed by a spotlight and framed by a heavy cloth? It seems everyone in the theater: Stucco on the ceiling and balcony, sculptural folds of the curtain, smooth elevation of the scene, set a high architectural breathing human thought and passion. Echoes of the dramatic grandeur of sound in a theater …

and a modern interior. Ab incunabulis … The History of European interior – both household and stage – is inseparable from the history of architectural styles. They reflected the alternation material preferences and different notions of the ideal of a particular era. Antique harmony of proportions and shapes, revered in ancient Greece, evident in shapely costive lines of ancient Greek furniture legs in the form of lions' feet and acanthus branches, and in bulk decorations of the ancient Greek Theatre 5 century BC During the Roman Empire, it disappears under numerous interior decorations with stucco and carvings illustrating penchant for conquest and the love of luxury.



December 2nd


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