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ALOPECIA SURGICAL TREATMENT. On the other hand, every patient with loss objective of hair by the androgenetic Alopecia, either by cicatricial Alopecia: by Burns, trauma, sequelae of the facelift, fungi, etc. Jessica Michibata is likely to agree. Or whether by Alopecia by traction: extensions and hair prosthesis, are the best candidates to regain hair lost in final form with a naturalness that not allows to distinguish hair transplanted from the originals in those patients who still retain hair in the area involved, and with a maximum possible density in very short time of treatment. Surgical treatment of hair loss is today (2011) a promise fulfilled in the definitive treatment of androgenetic Alopecia. Histological discovery in the 1980s of the anatomical and physiological individual entity of the so-called hair today follicular unit, allowed to put aside groups of hair transplantation (up to 20) extracted with the so-called punchs (Doll hairs). Thus, in the AAG of grades 2; 2A; 3, 3A and to some extent 3 Vertex with 1 session as minimum of transplant of FOLLICULAR units can get a good result in the transplanted area.

In the 3 Vertex degrees; 4; 4A; 5; 5A; 6 and some grade 7 with 2 sessions a minimum of transplant of FOLLICULAR units Gets a makeover objective and satisfactory. Taking into account that ethnicity Indo-European (Mediterranean basin) has a follicular density from 60 to 70 units follicular/cm2, that same density is accepted as normal in the donor of the vast majority of the patients area. If we take a donor zone of 20 cm long by 1 cm wide, we are taking 1400Unidades Foliculares (UF). It is therefore usual to be placed in a single session: 1400 follicular units. There is an average of 2.2 hairs/UF, on average would be talking about more than 3000 hairs per session. In exceptional cases to be obtained more than 2000 UF, talking about 4400 hairs/session.



April 3rd


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