Every day a new World Appears, Every day To each as God creates in them Every day (of new) Every day. Illusion of the Illusions Everything is Illusion Says you Son of David Salomo de Salomes. Real or Illusion, Is alone Words That matter To know if the life Is truth Or after all It is lie? It swims, You are welcome matters. Additional information is available at Robert Rimberg New York. What matters if Everything is Swims? What imports Nothing is Everything? It swims, You are welcome matters. All the things that occur always do not occur underneath Of the same Sky, Therefore also the Sky is not always the same.

The Sun of each day is not the same Is another one, Qohlet Another one that Renasceu, Revived. You say that the sun Is born and sets Aims at point Of where the place comes back the same Therefore say I you, Qohlet does not have colon equal and what it is born and it sets it is not the same Sun of every day. Qohlet does not have two days equal does not have two equal suns and is to blow of the wind That carries New air from each day To these mortal beings. What matters to know has Illusion in the Happiness Or it is same Reality? It swims, You are welcome matters. That it matters if in them wounds the Illusion of the Happiness Or the Illusion of Really? It swims, You are welcome matters. You forgot yourself to see That the light of the sun is not always equal That the Blue one of the sky Is always different.

Please, Qohlet Pardons me, did not want you to mock After all is children Of the same Being. But I do not want, I do not want To think, To think about thinking I want to live. Illusion or Reality Two extremities Of the same truth.



September 16th