Holiday Without Fireworks

Anyone can watch endlessly only to the current flow or spark. And noticed that some people want to surf and fountains, and a part – light the fire. But on the fire, burgeoning in the sky with wondrous images, and colors, love to watch everything. And the children – just adore. (And who of us have very, very not a child, eh?) That is why an old Chinese manufacturer – fireworks – it looks fresh and young forever. And how did all unanimously deploy neck in the direction of the explosion flash Hearing him suddenly, and looking for his eye in the evening blue of the sky? Only a truly beautiful spectacle able to lure so that the conversation with people and work – will suffer Who unfamiliar momentary vexation on the type of take-off missiles: the previous exploded with red and green, but this? Break out a bouquet of dark-blue sparks and scatter shimmering orange-red lights? Or, flushing bright flash, bear a bunch of fiery red fiery languages, each of whom will be crowned with silver tip of the flame? Or maybe came shooting out, as many inside resound, and light a golden circle in half the sky? A wake will fly the same, but silver? And then – again ruby flame in a frame of sparkling diamond placers and diamond spears at the shining warmth of the staff, and cascades flowing from the heights, but not dotekayuschego to the ground, flames fireworks show lasts, the surprising variety of shapes and fabrication of masters, created it, and you're not you notice any smoke, demolished in the direction of the wind, or stiff neck, tired to keep my head to throw, not even a matter of hours bright peonies and chrysanthemums blossom and develop in flower, fantastic bird everything about their luminous feathers, and above them hovers a flame-yellow dragon with red eyes, big and fun.

All of these spectacular wonders of the mood called pyrotechnics. A mixture of powder and salts of various metals that give color flame at combustion. exquisite and painstaking work of Chinese craftsmen, meticulously izmerevshih charges, curled and glue cardboard shell rockets, Roman candles and charges for mortars. Compressed dry clay to keep the force of falling flame with one hand and the paper burned wick designed to ignite the flames – on the other side. Hard work and great responsibility – that's what lies at the heart of every musical fireworks show. Add to your understanding with Tony Parker. But if and celebrate the event for real, without a bright and colorful fireworks in honor of the hero for the day – not enough!



November 3rd