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Another aspect that is given, in some companies, it is when after having listened to the sermon forgiveness, the discourse of Christmas of the director, is that it ends the year, also your contract and when return the first useful day of the following year, they tell you that passes by the HR Department to collect your payment of benefits, in other words you promoted abroad without prior notice incredible isn’t it? Christmas, respecting the religious beliefs of each one should be a space to reflect and find a balance between the professional and the personal. Nobody can deny that December is a special in many ways. Personally it is a moment in which I try to revise within my as soon as I grew up, I learned, that it stop doing, how much help to people to be better, how much I loved my family.After all you can pretend to be the best worker, the best professional if you not clear who you are. Before a big speech and great gifts, people need to feel that they are important in the company and that they can rely on them. It can not grow in solitude, there needs to be nearly sincere people, willing to teach and share, it is precisely this Christmas, serving others selflessly. Don’t expect a Christmas to give the best of you… There is always someone waiting. Until next time!



February 15th


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