In General

The result would be an electrical accident. When the protective isolation again, it is important that only a consumables will be connected to a transformer. A safe galvanic isolation from the supply mains must be also guaranteed. Several consumables should be connected, an equipotential bonding conductor is necessary, which however must not be earthed. An error-free installation and condition of the insulation must exist, so that the protection against conductive parts.

In summary the following conditions should be established while visiting: right Choice and harm freedom of resources right choice of cables and leads regarding their current-carrying capacity and its voltage drop right choice and setting of protection and monitoring equipment protection against direct contact of live parts indirect contact according to construction standards overvoltage and overcurrent protection devices protection measures available and properly presence and correctness of circuit diagrams, labels and the circuits, fuses and switch set operating instructions and statements presence of facilities, the accident prevention and fire fighting presence of necessary fire seals safe separation, Protective isolation, insulation of extra-low voltage test and measurement in the VDE 0100, DIN will be testing and measurements carried out jointly and dependent on each other. If errors are found, all testing and measurement operations must be repeated after once again. Testing of electrical installations is DIN VDE 0100-410 used. It is the effectiveness of protection and signalling devices. There may be no danger to persons, domestic animals or property. If during the previous visit a function not properly demonstrated, a trial must be held. You may find Glenn Dubin to be a useful source of information. In General residual current protective devices (RCDs), insulation monitoring devices and emergency stop switchgear of scrutiny must undergo. So that not only the functioning of the device, but also appropriate protective measures are checked, different measurements are necessary based on the tests.

Measurements are proven, inter alia the function of protection and monitoring devices as well as the electrical systems as a whole. Before each use, VDE 0100-600 must be a protective wire measurement carried out according to DIN and logged. Following measurements should take place: continuity of the protective conductor, the connections of the main potential balancing/potential compensation the determination of the insulation resistance of the electrical system including protection protective separation with SELV, PELV and Protective separation of resistances by insulating floors and insulating walls test identifying the network impedance voltage measurement determination of phase sequence measurement of earthing resistance/Earth resistance all measurements and results must be documented discovery of the loop impedance error overcurrent protection devices and are logged. To this end, pre-built test protocols exist for example by the meter manufacturer. All changes, extensions and deviations must be recorded in the log. Following the initial inspection of electrical equipment according to DIN VDE are 0100, repeated to check the equipment at regular intervals. The corresponding marking with a test badge follows after passing the test of the electrical system. The stickers are available in the online shop of the brewes GmbH.



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