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Cold glass and smooth metal is in the modern interior design more out”, so Baird. San Antonio Spurs is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Real materials are in fashion, which includes local wood as well as natural stone or rough steel. A certain quality is important. When using wood this should be solid and palpable in its grown structure.” Sometimes wood is used even aware with very rustic, hand-planed surfaces, since it forms a clear contrast to the strict forms and the simplicity of modern architecture. With its natural grain, it blows up any surface. Many architects the step and choose country-house planks with long cracks which are cemented in the appropriate color from”Thomas explains Wang by Wang GmbH in Toging am Inn, that belongs to the leading manufacturers of planks in Germany. As Villa country house floorboards also be laid in falling widths so each plank in its natural range, an overall picture emerges on ancient, Reminiscent of soils or massive planks.

“This contrast of traditional and modern has its own unique character and charm.” Because the look of bygone times seamlessly together with the purism and the directness of modern interior design. Long planks for a peaceful space image in contemporary designer Villa are characterised by the Villa flooring of the rooms and give them a nice earthiness. “The oak is natural only brushed bright patina, and oiled and waxed, to make durable the surface, each plank is a piece of hand-picked: the art is to put the natural characteristics of wood growth picture, branches or cracks discreetly in scene”, as Wang. Also the extraordinary mass of of the planks are impressive. With lengths of up to 7.5 meters and wide up to 40 centimeters, they underscore the spaciousness of the rooms. For the interior design of the client wanted to extra long planks”, reports the wood flooring expert a Wish he now increasingly hears from its customers.



November 3rd


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