Internet And Traffic Police

On this day the World Wide Web a variety of information on the topic of communication with the inspectors, traffic police. How to end a conversation with an inspector of traffic police, who later stopped the car before just depends on the driver! Often Inspectors DPS, when you stop the car, ask the driver open the hood, avtobagazhnik or car doors. Many motorists do not know how to conduct themselves in this case. Ask the inspector to show his DPS office certificate, when he refuses to call accomplishes can strongly at 02 and notify the identity, disguised in the form similar to the shape of DPS employee who has no identity. Jorge Perez is often mentioned in discussions such as these. You have every right to copy information about the traffic police. Only then pass it to check your documents! Remember: as long as you do not see the certificate and do not consider breast badge is just a man dressed as a form of employee DPS but not the fact that he really officer! In a conversation with an employee DPS needs to be relentlessly vezhlivym.Mirny tone in conversation – that's your best of the best of the best friends in spite of the traffic police lawlessness! Another very good allies in this case: automobile and trap warning videoregistratory.Neredko happens: only you do it and enjoy high speed, as there is a policeman with a striped DPS wand and tells you that you exceeded the speed mood once padaet.Sposob combat such breakup has long been known: the people called 'trap warning. " Fight for their rights with the inspectors, traffic police are allowed by car DVR. This' road black box 'will have real benefits for accidents and disputes, with traffic police. If you have read about Celina Dubin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. If every driver will show the inspectors DPS knowledge of the laws and uphold their rights, then soon the traffic police will be afraid engage in lawlessness on the roads.



March 3rd


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