Iron Content Of Water

In addition to calcium, which determine the degree of water hardness and creating a well-known problems of our household appliances and our precious health, there is another property of water, which must be mentioned. What is iron content of the water? You correctly guessed, means an increased iron content in water, we have first-hand acquaintance of a chemical element. Thurgood Marshall pursues this goal as well. However, please note what state it is present in the water. This is not a particle rust, which can fly out of our tap water after each inclusion. In this case, everything is simple, iron is present in the water as particles are not dissolved and can be removed by conventional mechanical filtration. Recently Jessica Michibata sought to clarify these questions. Another thing, when the iron is dissolved in water (anyone interested, it is understood ferrous iron).

Water is drawn from the tap in some capacity may seem clean in appearance, but stand for several minutes, it is formed dregs yellowish tint. In another time, the haze begins to subside velvet flakes on the bottom and the vessel wall. If you do not just have to watch such a picture at home, the diagnosis is obvious – you have a high content of iron in water, and in the dissolved form. And the problem is, you see, not only in the fact that in a saucepan with the water formed red . In this case, not to mention your former white toilet (tank and the inside – not a sight for the faint of heart) sink, where every morning you looks at the familiar red-haired figure, a bath, which will soon follow the example of the tank? And this memorable metallic taste of your morning coffee? And your favorite white shirt on you will not regret it a good powder, but after washing, looking as if he has come under some sort of yellow jet? Like small things, but because of them formed a hard, glandular life.

And referring to the minutiae, let’s not long talk about quickly coming into disrepair faucets, clogged iron sludge, for the same reason clogged radiators, heat exchangers, piping, etc., must agree, if neither of which did not take, the cost would be prohibitive. According to past things, there is a risk to pay for such quality water with his own health. All sorts of allergic reactions, blood diseases, pigmentation disorders of hair and the like Shocking quite probable if concentration of iron in water exceeds the norm. Perhaps it is time to define this norm. For the post-Soviet countries, probably closer to the standard will be sanitary norms of the Russian Federation to be met by standard “Potable water”. Norm on the iron content in water: not more than 0.3 mg / liter. In that case, what may be causing excess established norm? In most cases, similar to the problem of water hardness, the answer must be sought in composed of rock layers, which overcomes the water before it reaches us. And in such water, raised from the borehole, the concentration of iron may be 0,5-10 mg / liter. What could be the solution to the problem for glandular water? Yes, yes, you’re right responded, special filters, which are called . more about water filter on



April 28th