Jaguar XkrS Aston Resting

Come on, quickly call the best Jaguar? In addition XJ220? Give up? Here it is, in front of you. Click Dave Cowens to learn more. This new XKR-S without the 'reins'. The usual maximum speed limit XK-R at 250 km / h does not work here. Permitted 280 km / h. That's more in the spirit of Jaguar, than any computer muzzles.

Ah, would remove constraints on all Jaguar! Dreams, dreams … Few owners ever will drive him to the limit. But to realize this possibility nice. 'S' better standard XKR very much that I completely and clearly justifies almost 15,000 euros on top. Click Sam Feldman for additional related pages. Kit is excellent.

Yes, many buyers just for the sake of it will agree to a premium! Lowered below the front, side and rear skirts flashy, but beautiful. Are highly complementary in itself a beautiful shape HC. I even asked what kind of car. A rear diffuser with a larger rear spoiler changes poop out of all recognition. Hind wings look more muscular, and special wheels – absolute perfection. Yes, it is Jaguar, which shows the middle finger of Aston Martin. I think every Aston Martin is far from it. Suspension upgrade, too. Running in the Jaguar deal, no doubt, the best people on this side of the Lotus. Over the XKR-S, they did their best. He became much more stringent reaction in the corners – it is better, but somehow miraculously comfortable. If there is a world of GT with the best combination of ride and handling than this XKR-S, I did not go on it. The engine remains the same: 4.2-liter V8 with mechanical supercharging. 416 hp and torque of 560 Nm. Transmission – too old machine ZF. New, more efficient engines are expected this year. Transmission is good, but I would like more control over the machine. As in the XF. Here is a Jaguar should have been done as soon as possible. However, I just pick and choose. The way the car rides, stops and rulitsya, making it the best Jaguar of living. And maybe the best GT. We say: Thanks to a remarkable cosmetic upgrade, and at least welcome refinements chassis it was the best of the current HC Price (in Germany): from 103 80G Dynamics: 0-100 km / h – 5.2 seconds, max speed – 280 km / h Equipment: 4196 cm3, 8 cyl., rear-wheel drive, 416 hp, 560 lb, 1740 kg, 12.3 L/100 km.



February 26th


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