JeanLuc Paris

This was however to see that was the hairstyles held side flat and the back of the head is cut short. Also here gepointet, was busy with the scissors softened and geslist. Paris artistic team hair by mod BBs already at the previous show of the trio was now like the color combination tone on tone combination applied. The nuances of longierten mainly in the blond – or natural area, which has been adapted to the wearer. The finishing products may not so much glue so that the hair can also naturally move.

Collection, everything is allowed (stained for the winter) colors color, but the type of carrier may be changed not massively so the statement of the mod BBs hair Paris artistic teams. Colorful colourful then also the clothing was worn and offers the trendy glamour even on the slopes. In this case, a combination of clothing was white with orange, white with red or white Mint green presented. Even the hairpieces, which brought the previously presented haircuts in a new outfit were an absolute highlight. Done here long Deckhaare in the scene were used. JeanLuc Paris 14:00 (powered by GOLDWELL) collection SAUVAGE presented a further highlight Jean Luc is Paris after the lunch break, which now represented with 10 salons in Berlin. With its collection of SAUVAGE, he pointed out the self-image and self-confidence of urban women: feminine, emotional, present and alive. The hairstyles of the Maitre left an echo beating by.

Natural hair colors were presented in this presentation. The hairstyles were created in the dry condition of the hair with the scissors. Skillfully were Freehand-, slicing – and pointing – variants are offered. A witty and natural appearance with snappy slogans between hairstyle model and artist conveyed your confidence to the Maitre and offered a human relationship. Variants of the hairstyle reminiscent of with fashionable accents like before the 80s with the mushroom and the never ending Bobfrisur with their infinite possibility of variation.



July 8th


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