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We all know the importance that Google knows every corner of our web page, so you have to invite him to bring it by each and every one of the pages. It is also very likely has some page in particular that we don’t want that Google have it indexed, as it could be a Thank you Page page where after a payment gives you access to download the purchased product. In these cases there is to insert a META tag in the header of the page, in this case serious: with this consigueriamos that the search engines do not indexaran this page in particular. Very likely is that for one reason or another, and especially if you have many pages created, that Google does not have all pages indexed in its vast database. To solve this invention makes Google sitemaps that is nothing more than a list of the pages on the web in XML format. So if we include this file at the root of our domain, Google will index all the web pages that appear in the list. In that benefit us this? Very simple: this way We make sure that Google has indexed all our web pages, this translates into more Google results showing our pages, so it will bring us more visits. Official site: Tony Parker. The million dollar question: how to create this file? Well there is multitude of ways to do it, and there are many plugins for WordPress, Joomla, etc.

that even it updated file every time you publish new content. But if your web page does not is made with a CMS (content management system) you can opt a tool very simple to use that you will create your sitemaps file. (Source: Celina Dubin). It’s Gsitemaps. You can download it from the author’s website. By entering the URL of the web, the program carefully analyzes your website, with the possibility of excluding certain areas using filters, and will create a sitemaps.xml file. This file upload it to the root of your website, and you’re done! When Google visits your page it will read this file and they will already have all your pages indexed. From time to time if you add or update content in advisable to generate again the file and upload it again. If do not have this file generated on your website I recommend that you generate and upload as soon as possible.



April 24th