Know Determine The True Meaning Of Life

Gave us the opportunity to walk through this plane and be very attentive in finding what is the meaning of our lives, why we are in him, what we must achieve, achieve, as knowing the opportunity of life that has bequeathed to us. The why we are on this plane has a reason for being, probably because you have answers to the why of his reason for living, the meaning of his life, product of his actions, but especially of its internal inquiry that you helped to clarify the why it appeared in this dimension. Sometimes life seems so agitated that not gives us time to think what we want really, or why, or how we can get it. But we must stop to think, without blamed on the complexity of life as if were their powerless victims what many times is not more than a murky complicity with the weakness there is in us. We are each of us more interested in find out what degree of complicity with the inauthentic that may be in our lives.

If one appreciates in itself a certain vital inconstancy, as if Digo Que Te he extrano life distracted himself, as disoriented, we are forced to stop us in every action that we undertake and the cause of our life in order to give step to those that allow us to optimize the outcome of what we should do, to help us to grow as a person, use transient energy providing us within the time frame that we all play us in this dimension. Incumbent upon us to each find their own answers of why spend, what bequeathed us live in this plane, each one touches us discover our own truth. What is useful for one may not make sense for another, and what is significant for the latter may lack of value for the first provides us with the Centre Helios holistic thereon, that is a fact that a percentage of people who inhabit this planet don’t know why you are alive, and not even think about it.



April 10th