Latin America

This powerful game, are a series of thoughts in relation to the current control of Latin American politics, which is what we see daily, warlords, disorder, nationalisms, ethnic conflicts, nepotism, globalization and idolatry of the neoliberal model, domination, economic, military and ideological subjugation by United States, etc. It is that it seems to us that one of the most widespread political evils, and reason for our first reflection is cronyism in politics, critical fact that has undermined and thus the true pa deshomosex, this same fact depresses us and I do not see our novel democracy as such, but rather as mob rule, we ask ourselves if society is synonymous with modernization, especially in politics… The the nation Buenos Aires daily, in a writing which presents opinion before the Latin American evidence that democracies in Latin America are today living realities with very different profiles. There are some, as the Chilean, showing a remarkable state of exemplary ripeness, worthy of emulation. There are others, as unfortunately is the paradigmatic case of Venezuela, who are in what we might call the Antipodes of Chile. This is in a grave situation, weakened in the extreme and I walk almost to disappear.

The future is bleak in this case. So much so that Hugo Chavez, before the escalation of massive popular protests that faces, just announced that if protests continue against her despite the heavy-handed, it will resort to radical measures. In a country such as the Venezuela of Chavez, in which freedom of opinion is severely restricted and which are ignored with impunity the rights and the most essential individual guarantees, this means the possibility of further radicalize things, resorting to violence and terror to silence dissent absolutely. It is what happens from five decades ago in Cuba. Against this aberration, the prominent political scientist Guillermo ODonnell just include the Argentina along with others whose Presidents govern by decrees of emergency and resort to alleged extraordinary powers to violate the powers that correspond to the other powers of the State prescribed by the respective constitutions, deforming them to your taste and palate.



October 23rd