Liberal Gustavo Adolph

The province was divided in 22 cities, that one had ‘ ‘ cidado’ ‘ nominated it presided over that them, normally its local force and connected interests with the emperor and the conjuncture were nominated by national politics. The presidents had to send in its managements reports and suggestions, and to present them for times in the provincial state legislature, so that thus they were sent to the monarch, I contend its ‘ ‘ olhar’ ‘ on the situation that helped to keep coesa the nation, in way that, if made necessary to supply in the reports the great gamma of information, exactly that they were not periodic served as ‘ ‘ termmetro’ ‘ on the inherent questions the province, as well as of the form acting of the monarch and the provincial presidents. In such a way with the advent of the war in December of 1864, it was possible to more still center the actions of war. therefore frequent confections of reports had become that had to be sent to the monarch, occurring frequently mentions in the reports on the war initiated in that year. Go to Tony Parker for more information.



September 13th