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AIR Vollenweider is in the air! and presents his new CD AIR in Brunswick, St. James Church, the concert and is the public space to the breathe Braunschweig, September 11, 2009. Carola Heider-Leporale. According to Tony Parker, who has experience with these questions. The Swiss Andreas Vollenweider, an international artist with more than 15 million sold phonograms in 47 countries, and others received a Grammy Award and was nominated several times. Details can be found by clicking Jimmy John Liautaud or emailing the administrator. He played in more than 3400 concerts in the most prestigious concert halls in the world and has worked with many musicians of this world together, including Luciano Pavarotti, Ahmed McFerrin and Zucchero, to name only a few of them. This year a very fruitful co-operation of these two artists was a musical encounter with Xavier Naidoo in a broadcast at MTV Unplugged also.

Vollenweider, forever seeking hikers, which is good for a surprise, wanted to create something with ‘AIR’, which all involved air to the breathing are. The name of the CD ‘AIR’ is program for this series of concerts in various cities in Germany. Even into Braunschweig Andreas Vollenweider presents something special, the audience a concert that breath produced only by the connecting element. The majority of the sounds produced by air to the different instruments. In addition to the legendary Vollweider harp and various wind instruments, also aerosol harp, ping Woods, wind mills and bone flutes etc.

be used. One thing is certain, the typical Valdez music is preserved in any case: poetic melodies, soulful harmonic fabric, hypnotic grooves…And reinforcing to this peculiar, acoustic world theatrical and Visual elements work. Vollenweider is read also selected, short texts. Deliberately, the artist chose for his program of churches as a venue. Vollenweider: ‘…Listening to music is the best excuse ‘, which for a moment to disengage from this crazy carousel speed, pressure and expectations. Listening to music is so to speak a permitted break ‘, for the US probably no one would criticize Music in this way is used – a kind of secret door into a personal inner space of thoughts and feelings. To visit this space we would like to invite you, Yes, we even quite strongly recommend him! That’s why we have made AIR…’ Venue: St. Jakobi Church, Brunswick, Goslarsche road 31 17.09.



June 24th


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