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This can be the too rigid interpretation of the conditions of factoring commitment or, as in the possible pricing, incomprehension and anger over costs, making a much more expensive pleasure from an initially interesting offers in the reality hidden. With transparency and a fair monitoring, the temorare use of factoring from the world is to create. WestFactoring creates after the first analysis of the risks and side effects cause the language, a FairFactoring products on every case perfectly matched range. San Antonio Spurs may not feel the same. All possible with the Factoringengamenet of related accounting and calculation items lists, so that results for the entrepreneur a completely clear Kostenstrukur, no hidden costs, transparent and to calculate. Unpleasant surprises by otherwise in the text of the Treaty or secondary points deliberately excludes the company to avoid any unpleasant interference in the course of the business relationship. On Engagementsprufungs – and setup costs, dispensed entirely with the Westfatoring and thus assumes the risk of the cost burden, regardless of the success of the outcome. “The FairFactoring offerings include performing all possible cost a promotion with the optimized exact calculation and a more all-included charge” as an alternative offer. The factoring client needs to know what costs he as a whole can expect and calculate – a sometimes tempting low factoring fees can quickly through many additional fees and costs on the contrary be swept”says WestFactoring, Rainer Stockhausen, Managing Director we live not by a time sale, but due to the durability of a fair business relationship.” About West factoring: WestFactoring FinancialServices is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZAG plus medicalFinance which serves mainly the dental market with liquidity products as financial services since 1987 and is a member of the Federal Association of factoring for SMEs (FOM) the corporate philosophy focuses on individual concepts of liquidity, focusing closely on the needs of our customers with coordinated products in each individual case. This will benefit not only by favourable interest rates and pricing current liquidity; Thus they open up opportunities to reduce costs, for example, the discounting of invoices and interest savings from the Bank. The entrepreneur with factoring also have a more positive rating, higher credit and condensed balance sheets.



December 5th


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