Manolo Garcia

Promises a special concert and a lack of Manolo Garcia and Eva Amaral, overturned in the recording of their own disks, you will enjoy the company of Roldan of Orishas and Peret, a character who admires and explains, is very attached to our history. It won’t be their last concert in Spain, because they have confirmed another August 6 in Santander and do not rule out any action in national territory, since they will remain active until October or November, committed to several appointments abroad. Rewarded with a BBC Award and a Latin Grammy, one of the fundamental characteristics of Ojos de Brujo is its international projection. Abbot is shown unable to enumerate all the cities that have passed and recognizes that, although they have not felt ill in Spain, there have been seasons in which seemed to be most valued outside. In these 10 years we have made a lot of things, above all, we have allowed ourselves life. I think that we have pioneered very and very brave, both musically and by our positioning before things, says this singer, happy to have shared the stage with musicians such as Nitin Sawhney, Ben Harper and Asian Dub Foundation.

His daring resulted for example in a first album avenge that combined a compass of solea por bulerias with rap on top, something that may now seem normal but that in 1999, when it was published, it was a marcianada, Abad stands out. Its fusion of flamenco with reggae, hip hop, rock and a little electronic music has gestated in total seven discs, with growing success that forced them to abandon their previous self-management approaches and finally by a multinational, joining Warner, to be able to devote himself to music and not parallel cases. And although Abbot claims that intention of Ojos de Brujo was not do flamenco, but interact with other music from its roots, it affirms that also left as important heritage which, thanks to its music, new ears have approached the purest sticks of this art. Source of the news: Ojos de Brujo: “our farewell is true”



March 21st


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