Mara Kayser

Who also desire to summer”who can immediately bring this title a fresh new summer color in the program. The world of colours is much too large to set only a shade. Colors have to do so much with moods and emotions. And what appears to be the most beautiful color in one minute, may have already faded in the next moment”, Mara Kayser says, in her current colors”album great passion has invested. For the upcoming summer and start of the holidays, their colors are now bright yellow and sky blue as a sunny day, which she sings so pop joyful in their second single release looking for summer. An absolutely hot hit tip for the summer and a colorful mood “-Schlager for the current program (current track 5 from their album colors)” and again from Monday as a special promotional track in the MPN)! Mara Kayser colors”12 new colorful compositions with a colourful album are Mara Kayser in 2013 their very own musical painting.

“The work on this album was a trip by the longing to fall in love, to the deep encounter with all ups and downs of love to the lack of love and let go with all rags and pain, up to the freedom in the here and now. All these moments and much in between making the colors in this album. “, says the artist, who is dedicated to even the painting, about her new album. “” This way their 2006 started with their first album completely written that arrived under the significant title “has appeared, continue, by it the theme colors” nuanced and very personally gives expression. A listening pleasure of a special kind!



August 23rd


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