Marco Antonio

It is evident, that ' ' traio' ' , come to constitute as a characteristic psychological or neurofisiolgica she is intrinsically on has a convergence of behaviors, which ' ' indivduo' ' that not to delineate itself in its vertices of incredulity, it will be alicerado to a conjectura of sensations of defendant collective and privacy to the esquecimento, auguring a perjury of I came to be honored with the grotesco emblem of chacota in relation to the world which they are inserted. Let us see that in shining of ' ' history of homo-sapiens' ' they transcorreram, fallacies of promises of improvements of pluralsticos aspects (universal suffrage, liberty of speech and the press, equality for all) that antagonistically they had come to usurp atrelados rules to the good-sense of ' ' maiutica' ' , as in the case of Nazism, elect for the free vote, or in Brazil as a good example of ' ' treason poltica' ' Vargas, desestruturado emotionally and politically for the unscrupulous interests of the capital is esmiuado in the image of Getlio foreigner, seeing its rationalism to gradually diminish before a dull arregimento of opening of Brazil the foreign capitalists, contaminating its nationalistic yearnings, going more on this side in the longevity of the historical one, the loving triangle formed by the Roman generals Jlio Cesar and Marco Antonio, ardilosos of libido in relation to Clepatra queen of Egypt. Not obstante, which would be the future the limits between one ' ' traio' ' of calientes lawsuits of insaciabilidade of ambition and desire, opposite the subsidies angariados for the revolt against ' ' status quo' ' of the moment ' ' agorfobo' ' next to the escrnio of search for ampler freedom? ' ' Fausto' ' in its affliction of esgarar a border without limits in its acumen of fraternizar one to know total it was seen ludibriado by ' ' Mefistfeles' ' , Shakespeare in its dramaturgia, exasperou that ' ' traio' ' if it subjects has an interlacement of desarmoniosos whims of the unconscious human being, conjuring an existential guardianship of realistic materialism, arquitetando its existencial function in providing as virtue, only what eyes see and what the heart catches. .



October 8th