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Through Madrid technology, Markarte adheres as a collaborator for outreach to citizens and companies of the city of Madrid Markarte, marketing and communications, Madrid-based agency has reached a collaboration agreement with the city of Madrid, through Madrid technology in the dissemination of services of the society of information, through technological offerings and telecommunication servicesfor the dissemination of new technologies of information and communications between citizens and small businesses of the city of Madrid. Markarte, which has been more than 6 years in the market, consists of professionals with extensive experience in marketing and communication specialised in SMEs and micro-enterprises. Its members have been responsible for several multinational companies related with new technologies, leading projects oriented to SMEs and professionals who see ICT s great advantages and numerous benefits that are obtained at present, whatever the sector Enterprise. At the Agency, says Pilar Esteban, socia-fundadora, we primarily use new information and communication technologies to bring to companies, SMEs, micro-enterprises, self-employed and liberal professionals our services in areas that include traditional marketing and communication actions and on the Internet, adapting to the needs of each moment, the resources and the peculiarities of each business and the sector to which it belongs. People who are Markarte have helped disseminate ICT s on other numerous occasions through the defunct IMADE (Instituto Madrileno de Desarrollo) formative and informative lectures by the Comunidad de Madrid, since 2007. Also he has participated in outreach programmes of new technologies with the women’s Institute and as a member of AEMME (Spanish Association of micro) collaborates actively in any action of dissemination and training to support this broad collective. If you would like to know more then you should visit Tony Parker. This experience provides them with a know-how important rapprochement and understanding with businesses and citizens of Madrid to disseminate the essential use of ICT s for the benefit of business prosperity in our capital today.



December 12th


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