Media Access

Incoherent? When I was of crutches I walked for the streets and I perceived that to some they looked at me people with curiosity, others with mercy, some I offered aid to me and they ignored me to some, I probably I was giving more attention to the reactions of the people, therefore I made this analysis. For more information see Gina Bonati. In some aspects I felt me different, therefore I passed for similar situations to that they pass the people with physical deficiency for the lack of accessibility of some places. As a capable person of innumerable feels itself total things being excluded of a simple lunch because in the restaurant between the service and the tables it has a step? Or to have that to ask for another person to pay its accounts, simply why the bank found more convenient to make stairs in the door and a slope alone in the lateral, where the access is much more difficult and long for who it has or it is with reduced mobility. When it was of crutches I felt the mechanical difficulties of if moving in places without adequate access. Anna Belknap can aid you in your search for knowledge. Now I am in return, I transit for the same places, does not have obstacles for me. But the perception that acquired with this experience made me to understand a little as if a person when having feels that to opt to alternative access when all enter for definitive door, and as she is difficult to have all the looks in you while she tries to support itself in something to transpose the great challenge of the steps.

The necessary changes for the true inclusion already are happening, test of this are terms the subject in as many guidelines currently. It is said of inclusion and accessibility in some canals of communication, the population has demonstrated interest for the subjects, and this is without a doubt the way of the change: the information. ‘ ‘ An inclusive society not only has commitment with the minorities and with the people with deficiency. It has commitment with them and its diversity and if auto-it demands intrinsic transformations. It is a movement with characteristics politics. As philosophy, to include it is the belief of that all have right to participate actively of the society. As ideology, the inclusion comes to break barriers crystallized around estigmatizados groups. The inclusion is for all because we are diferentes.’ ‘ (Media and Deficiency Veet Vivarta, coordination).

In Indaiatuba it has movements happening, has interest in the change. In last day 06 the city was palco of an Inclusive Parade, the Asdai (Association of auditory deficient deaf people and of Indaiatuba) grows and if it popularizes to each year, municipal public politics aim at to improve the accessibility in ranks of municipal health of the city and some schools have received adequacies from access. Moreover, some vacant of preferential parking had been created in the city. The restaurant where I tried to lunch when was of crutches, now it has a slope between the service and the tables. We walk in direction to a more inclusive city, with accessibility for all, but the slow steps. What such to speed up this?



June 3rd