Mexican Cinema

During the golden age of Mexican cinema, many were the stars of the show nationally and internationally who succumbed to the charms of the beaches that make up the Bay of Acapulco. Since the 1950s, with the construction boom in its advanced and high-rise, most men and women in show business, businessmen and foreigners in general, sought to own some land, suite, or any space to provide them with peace, tranquility and sun at the port of Guerrero. El Pachuco de Oro, Germain Genaro Cipriano Gomez Valdes Castillo, better known as Tin-Tan, was another of the artists of the golden age of Mexican cinema fell exhausted to the magic of the beaches of Acapulco. Biographers and reporters specialists in the life of comedian, constantly make mention of his passion for the coast of Guerrero, and in a The Tin.-untold story of Tana biography and annotated by his daughter Rosalie, are recalled the adventures a the actor who lived in bay with the trachea had two, their yachts Tintanvento I and II. a At every opportunity I had, Tin-Tan approached his Cadillac and fled from the stress of Mexico City, strenuous work, the film and the pressures of his second marriage, his fate was always Acapulco. Went there with friends, family or alone, in search of comfort that offers the waves. Whether fishing, partying or enjoying their yachts in the company of friends and at times even with strangers, Germain Valdes took every moment that happened in their long awaited Tues Acapulco, lived the most of every moment. Some anecdotes of people who came to know, I remember always happy, smoking, drinking and making friends along the coast.

His passion for the Bay led to its producers suggest that the recordings of maritime-themed movies will be made on beaches, among which we count: Sinbad the Dizzy,’s Chest Pirate’s Treasure King Solomon, Tintanson Cruzoe, Captain Mantarraya, Cain and Abel and the other Acapulco 12 22. The Tintanvento II was the main stage Mantarraya Captain, the only film that failed to produce entirely with money, but, unfortunately, did not run with the good fortune to be a blockbuster.



February 6th