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The preferred priorities of our investments include short-term, Government-sponsored infrastructure and petrochemical projects in the planning stage. Here the Gulf state of each involved sets a lower Preisfloor for the exit and thus ensures a minimum return for the investors. So, very good yield potential are equipped with high security. Ensures the safety of the facilities so, because usually in funded projects and industries of the future and the first link in the value chain is invested. These are essentially: 1 short-term, Government-sponsored infrastructure and petrochemical projects in the planning stage. Here, each State typically sets a lower exit price. The average investment period is between 12-24 months. On the basis of the defined exit floors yields are 15% p.

a. 2. 10% – industries of the future State-funded. To These favored sectors include essentially: petrochemistry, logistics, tourism, trade, telecommunications, IT, education, culture, financial services and health. The average investment period is between 24-36 months, the typical yields are 25% p. a. 3.

15% – interesting co-investments in pre-IPO’s, IPO’s, privatizations and joint ventures. For the year 2009, States are around 30 in the GCC IPO’s scheduled, at which the Mifflin will be spotty with. The average investment time is 1-3 months and the expected return at 30% – 50% per investment. INVESTMENT: Why should an investor when you draw? Middle East best select: the economies of the Gulf Cooperation countries with unabated pace further converted to the preparation of future independence from oil and gas. Liquidity is available in sufficient quantities. Investors looking for attractive returns at the same time, high security will find barely an interesting offer in the German market. With the possibilities of inter-regional and to be able to invest across sectors in the Middle East, the Mifflin has an unrivalled USP Fund. MIDDLE EAST BEST SELECT meets the expectations of investors. Investments generally comply with the increased need for security of investors in property in these times.



October 31st


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