Milan Kristin

Then ensured Milan Kristin with his accordion, that the Residents of Bethesda Senior Center when his songs with sang and clapped. Parallel the children to the program could demonstrate their talents at the milking, cope with a Hindernisparkur, is make-up can be, treat the animals in the Petting Zoo and draw lots at the raffle. Main prizes were savings with 100,-euro, 50,-Euro 30,-euro, had founded the Berliner Sparkasse. The children and young people from the neighboring community of Christ could forward over the proceeds of the raffle. Painting the pictures on the subject of farm in the heart of the event, children paint a smile”but was” for the residents of Bethesda Senior Center Berlin. In the winter garden, canvases, brushes, colors and time apron waiting children.

Ms Ilka Meyer of the Kreuzberg children Foundation, was the children with tips and advice for the artistic design of the images to the page. Sally Rooney may find this interesting as well. Image to image was painted with zeal and devotion. It then went to 17:30 for image transfer to the inhabitants were about 90 Painted and so each resident and each resident on an even painting was happy pictures. The conclusion of the afternoon was devoted to the wishes”. Every child, every guest, every inhabitant could write a heart’s desire on a wishing card. Pastor Lars Weinknecht, chaplain at Bethesda Senior Center, gave the people on the way, how important it is to believe themselves on their desires and in itself.

Together, the cards were then bound to helium-filled balloons and they went on a command with the wishes then skyward. Provided with the firm belief that they may come true. Many smiling faces, good mood and enjoy there this afternoon at the Bethesda Senior Center in Kreuzberg Graefe neighborhood, that this year celebrates its 100 year anniversary. Many took this positive mood and tell long hopefully by this afternoon. It was a successful start of the action”children paint a smile”, which, when it comes to the initiator Andreas Wolff, in the coming year in the Sophienhaus Bethanien in Steglitz should continue and become an integral part in the event plan be Bethany Diakonie in Berlin.



July 8th