Mississippi Delta

"Do not forget my mojo, baby," so sings in the Mississippi Delta. Everyone in America had heard that word, but few know its meaning. According to one, Mojo is tallisman, others argue that so-called sexual act, or that it slang name of the male penis. In each there is truth. A common between them is that Mojo is one of the idols in antimisticheskoy voodoo religion, which the faithful are always in your purse with you. Today there are about 50 millions of followers of voodoo religion.

Voodoo or Vudun is faith in the old Yoruba kingdom of Dahomey, which occupied the territory of today's Togo, Benin and Nigeria. The word comes from "water" that the language background of Western Africa means a spirit or god. Voodoo, during the French colonial period, in the xvii century, black slaves moved to the island of Haiti. In these places it is practiced until today. Of all modern religions, voodoo probably one of the most perceived sin. and black magic is the main thing with which we associate this religion. And as the sacrament of initiation associated with the divine music and dancing, falling into a trance, and a demonstration of supernatural forces.

Hollywood industry has done a lot for what we would perceive this religion odnostranno. Let us remember the movie "Angelic Heart" with Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro, which was disclosed to the dark side with a black magic, voodoo dolls, violence, and savage rituals. But mostly it's artistic imagination, which had nothing to do with reality.



June 6th


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