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In traditional businesses that do not need, for example, I have a cousin who sells sunglasses and I have never seen to use them!, but that does not mean that you can not make money selling lenses. Unlike traditional business such as sell lenses in a tent, in the multilevel products sold thanks to the publicity of Word of mouth or recommendations by party the same distributors that are also usually satisfied customers and satisfied customers. But already we turned of the theme, the point here is that you not enter a MLM business whose product you don’t like or you do not use if you do not do business, or worse still, a product whose value you consider that it does not justify its price (an excessively expensive product with regard to its quality and making). Serious MLM companies offer you a warranty of 30 days with that if you’re not satisfied with your products can ask that 100% of your money, even the most companies return you give you a 6 to 12 month warranty which if you decide because not doing the business, can return products that are not used and return you 90% of what you paid for them. By the way, thats something rare in the world of business, who allows that you return merchandise because you decided that you would not always do that business? For example, if I decide to open a store of lenses as the of my primo, buy $ 10,000 of lenses and 3 months later I decide that I don’t always want that business… do you know who I will return my money? Now that you understand what is a scam, we can conclude that the MLM is not a pyramid scam because it is a Real business that aims to bring a product to a consumer. Jose Manuel Medina is a Networker of the MLM business online. On your page Jose Manuel talks about the pyramid scams.. Under most conditions Larry Culp would agree.



October 8th


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