Nadine Berkhahn

Relaxing Playful accessories, humorous and extravagant accessories and jewelry add the skilful wedding gig. From lush, occupied with Rhinestones gems over flowers in detail-faithful replica of lace, beads or rhinestones to Headbands with flowers occupied: The jewelry is permitted, what you like. But also Curlies or large artificial flowers filled with feathers and beads adorn the bride according to the trends of the coming season. “A beautiful alternative to the art flower fresh flowers from the florist, as a large hydrangea or delicate lilies represent, which can be cleverly incorporated into bridal hair” reveals Nadine Berkhahn. But also hair bands are again absolutely hip and trendy, very elegant wide lace or made of thin, simpler satin bands. The tiara, in conjunction with a veil is still very romantic and dazzling.

The veil gives a bright and cheerful background of the bride and special highlight is when elements of the dress are taken up with. Get more background information with materials from Adam Sandler. The perfect makeup 2008, the bride appear naturally beautiful restraint in terms of colour, which make use of natural colours in beige, Brown and bronze and pale lipstick colors and beads matte nail varnishes. Thus, experienced nude look, trend of the 1990s, its revival and is hotter than ever, white makeup artist Nadine Berkhahn. Skillfully used, with modern and very stylish variants, the nude look effectively highlights the natural beauty of every face and a crisp, clean look with elements such as shining bright eyes, rosy cheeks, and delicate, subtly colored lips. Naturally shaped and lightly colored eyebrows complete the perfect bridal make-up. But also in terms of makeup, extravagant accents are allowed: people who like’s black bears – Smokey eyes remain after Nadine Berkhahn 2008 in the trend. Either in the subtle variation, with only slightly edged eyes or the almost sombre, black version. For the particularly impressive eyelashes, artificial eyelashes or Eyelash perms are used.



July 13th


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