National Treasure

For who it makes simplicada declaration or he is not taxed in the source, as independent, the VGBL is ideal. This because, in a VGBL, the taxation it happens only on the capital profit, as it happens in the investments of fixed income. Direct treasure the direct treasure it was the form created for the government so that the people could buy headings of the government without the necessity of high investments. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tony Parker. For this, the government created the site, which brings a step to the step to make investment. To invest broker or agent of safekeeping is necessary to be entailed to the one, which will make the safekeeping of the bought paper. The site brings one ranking of the taxes charged for the safekeeping agents. Some agents are integrated with the site and allow to make the purchase/sales for the site of the agent and this effective in the direct treasure.

To invest in the direct treasure the following taxes are charged: CBLC: 0.10% to the year on the value of the operation? BM& FBOVESPA: 0.30% to the year on the value of the headings? Tax of the agent of safekeeping on the value of the headings (vide ranking in the site of the direct treasure)? Income tax (regressive table) Types of headings LTN (Letters of the National Treasure): they offer a predetermined, definite tax at the moment of the purchase. Thus, the investor knows in the hour the interests that will be paid at the moment of the expiration. This type of heading not paid semester interests (the calls ' ' cupons' '). LFT (Financial Letters of the Treasure): it has its entailed yield to the Selic tax. For being post-fixed, the investor will only know the remuneration to the end of the process, therefore it will depend on the behavior of the basic tax of the economy.



September 20th