New Mexico

Here is a story of a person who used this technique of 68 seconds. I had a demonstration of how to create / manifest when going on vacation to New Mexico, some time ago, was driving from the section of Sandia and I realized that there was one thing I needed to do in Albuquerque and was seeing a run-paths . Never in my life have I seen one and although I had enough fun for all week, watching birds all kinds of animals that had never seen before, eagles, owls and so on., But what had not been able to observe was a corre- roads. So I was driving down the road with my friend Kate talked for 68 seconds about how marvelous the roadrunner, how funny they are, how much we’d like to meet one of them and how well we had spent those days in New Mexico. After that, we turned a corner, from which one could see a small fence and guess what … ..

a run-way! Kate turned into U and spent about ten minutes, enjoying this wonderful experience, he or she stays clean on the fence for a while and even had a chance to take some pictures of the front and side, then jumped and ran to catch up a lizard to be crossed, then returned to the fence and flapped a bit in a move that seemed like mating and disappeared. The whole experience was very satisfying, fun and 68 seconds of pure thought. Obviously if my mother had left me, never would have seen the animal, and that maybe I would have said that there are not enough roadrunner! or that the chances of finding one were almost nil. How to achieve 17 seconds of pure thought? Achieve 17 seconds of pure thought concentration is more difficult for me to do it written or said, I found a method that helps me stay focused and that is writing. If I go to do so in writing, as I usually do letter, addressed to a friend, and figuratively, that is assuming that what I’m looking forward already happened in reality. Then I describe my feelings in detail and I dive both in the description that I feel as if I were really living. Another way is to gather a group of people and talk with us about something we want in the future, for example I want to have a beautiful wedding, so in the week I had to do this exercise with my friends we were all together this year to imagine this large wedding and we talked about how much we liked the reception, music, cake, decorations, etc.., our exercise of 68 seconds usually lasts for 5-20 minutes! I recommend this exercise to start with things that are not so important to you, and eventually gain enough skill to concentrate (and will lower your level of doubt). 68 seconds is the equivalent of 2 million man-hours, do you believe this.



June 3rd