So shine your from the heart, your light shines to the stars and them clink as smiling you. Your light illuminates the road and is as strong as a lighthouse and that helps the nearby who see the path more clearly. My light is love and you come from the universe to guide you as you use the stars to follow the path. What Nice is to see how you caminais without fear to what you have on your feet and only looking at the stars. Above this the future but the present who live what you have in your planet and there you must today. The battle begins each day and continuous without stopping, you just rest a little and thus turn harder because forces always have. From time to time give you a breather to see from outside your progress along the way. This is your battle to win the light, continue without falling into the traps of the light.

Your goal, your strength is one: light, love. Just believe in your strength and that is your strength and your weapon to face you the difficulties and that obstacles memberships. And remember that you helping you in your walk, we are there to rekindle that light and Stoke that flame in your hearts that ye ganeis battle by light, winning every one, victory is global. Light accompanies you on the road, it gives you strength in darkness, in the ego, its function is to move forward and make strong because thus we evolve, the more favoreceis your expansion more wins the world in which you are, your magic is such that it can pass illuminate the cavern deeper up to blind your eyes. Light is a pathway, a weapon, force and power, is a choice and a commitment. To him you must when you choose and see in your interior as you depart you filled with sadness I malifica your centered status.



October 22nd