Nobel Media

Sincerely, I believe that it is better to cultivate and to commemorate victories of what to make bitter fracassos.' ' They imagine then if Squid was indicated to the Prize Nobel of the Peace? &#039 went to rain millions of letters; ' hard and cidas' ' originated of our white elite, colonized reactionary (that they are part only of 4% of the Brazilians who disapprove the government Squid, against 87% that they approve) destined to the integrant ones of the Real Swedish Academy; condemning the indication of Squid. By the way as Nobel happened with certainty with the other Brazilians indicated to the Prize, our elite conservative destroys heroes, descontri personalities, beyond defaming and inventing lies on them. ' ' Darcy Ribeiro costumava to say that we have the elites most reactionary of the world and those that more internalizaram inside of itself the settling process that implies to submit it foreign you, to always consider dependents of it, and to keep advantages as subordinate partners and aggregates, to never oppose ele' ' , it analyzes the theologian, philosopher and writer Leonardo Boff. It identifies that this strategy still is in vigor in the mind of the elites Brazilian politics, that had always been lined up to the power of the moment. First England, now U.S.A.

' ' Great part of the media is the extended arm of the economic elites. It is a media enterprise and commercial whose interests are directly on to the interests of national either international the capital either, knowing that both if entrelaam' ' , Leonardo Boff explains. ' ' Therefore it is a media that has as control point U.S.A. as hegemonic nation. For this reason always they are lined up to the external politics of this pais.' ' The success of the Brazilian diplomacy is festejado in all part for foreign governments and the international media.



June 22nd