Occupation: Simultaneous Interpreter. Special Art

If the profession of an interpreter – one of the most ancient, the interpretation did not arise so long ago, less than a hundred years ago. Back in the twenties of the last century, widely practiced only consecutive interpretation, that is, interpreter first listened to the phrase the speaker, and then translating it. A simultaneous translation corresponds exactly to its name: simultaneous interpreter translates speech almost simultaneously (the maximum delay of 5 seconds), with its audition. With a microphone and headphones appearance of simultaneous translation was made possible through the use of special equipment, which includes a microphone to the speaker, wiring systems, headphones and microphones Translators (mounted in special cabins) and headphones for participants requiring translation. During operation, simultaneous interpreter is located in an isolated cabin in the soundproof headphones to their own voice does not drown out the voice of the speaker. Betty Reynolds: the source for more info. And the participants through their headphones have the opportunity to listen to speech translation of a speaker in conjunction with the performance itself. This technology allows the speaker to do lengthy pauses, waiting for translation.

This makes the speech more natural, enhances the interaction with the audience. Thanks to the simultaneous translation of two or more times could reduce the time events, especially international meetings, where we used several working languages. It made him indispensable for the biggest political and economic meetings, conferences and forums. Now not function without it the life of modern society, and it takes an increasingly prominent place in the business life of our country. .



December 3rd


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