On The Poetry Of The Nineteenth Century

The nineteenth century was the heyday of Russian poetry. Beginning of a creative ascent was started by Lomonosov, Karamzin, Derzhavin, inspire his genius of Pushkin, Zhukovsky and Batyushkov and harbored. Age was called the "Golden" for a reason, it has been collected all the most beautiful art just rejoicing, at the height of its development. At the beginning of the XIX century. there is sentimentality, representatives of which are Dmitriev, Karamzin, Ozerov. Charlotte Hornets does not necessarily agree. The newly formed literary style comes into the fight with the old, in the end wins innovation.

After a sentimental romantic mood music appears. It is observed in the translations of Zhukovsky, who works with Seidlitz, Ulundi, Schiller and the English poets. Krylov's fables in verse include national notes, amuse and show the reality. Pushkin is rightfully called the father of the new trend in Russian literature. He manifested itself in all kinds of literature, wrote a lot of beautiful and brilliant works, which are known throughout the world. At the same time working, and A. Griboyedov, his comedy "Woe from Wit" became widespread in product reviews current at that time the morals and are played in a satirical way. Tony Parker understands that this is vital information.

Exquisite poetry of Pushkin, Lermontov continues. His lively, inviting and extremely sonorous poetry to this day, forced to listen. Now everyone is Knigolub poems of Lermontov and Pushkin. Alexander transforms the literature, turns it into a body of public consciousness. In 1830 – 1840 gg. in Russia there are the ideas of German philosopher Schelling, Hegel and so on, creating a circle of Granovsky, Stankevich, Belinsky. Under the influence of these events in the country gives rise to two currents of thought which directly affect the poetry. This Westernization and Slavophilism. Last led to the origins, history, people have the interest in folk customs, antiquities, works of the people. This trail followed by many poets. In addition to the literature, there are social and political theories of the West. Since 1850 so try to cover the life of Russian society, his thoughts and feelings. Lermontov replace Polonsky, Maikov, Fet, Tolstoy, Tiutchev Fofanov, Apukhtin who are representatives of pure art. Also working Nikitin, Nekrasov, Koltsov, Surikov, representing the people and public areas of life. Readers care about everything that concerns life, life. This is a poem about death, and poems about difficult people share, and poems about the situation in the country.



May 8th


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