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The Networking and the Networking functions is a resource that helps related human groups share services products or information, we find two main types of Networking. For human resources. It allows an individual, through intermediaries, get in touch with others who have access to information with regard to a job. For business. An individual can find customers or partners for your business, which can expand their labour markets, generating strong and extensive relationships. Although proliferate networks to make friends or link many other networks are more serious and rigorous as the previous two and have the function, do business or put knowledge in common, cooperate in any particular case, etc.

Networking to do is let you know through the web, looking for contacts that can help you put your services or products, either way of direct sales or sales support professional contacts tend to be increasingly important. How to get your first Networking to make your Networking encroach on websites from your profile to create your database of contacts that you are doing there. You can avail you of two types of software: one that having your contacts database, allows you the actual communication between computers or users, email programs, newsgroups, those who share music and video files, which allow you to manage information, projects, etc. And a second that would be responsible to provide you security information that is stored or transferred in the network such as firewalls, antivirus, among others. Why’d you have to get into the Networking? Social networks for knowledge.

They respond to the Organization’s own interests but with a high degree of personal interest, are generated to add value to the processes, improve them or create them. Networks by context or demand. The company is who sets the standard according to their interests and objectives in this type of networks, since they correspond to the functions related to a charge or a group of them, the same work generates the integration of these networks and sets them in motion.



June 25th


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